The preservation of the Quality, Health and the Safety of the workers for C & S DRILLING SERVICES is an imperative, an element which conditions its development and its durability on the markets of works of construction.

Because of our activity, we are confronted daily with the risks related to the use of the different machines, the use of scaffolding for work at height, the use of means of transport and building materials.To control the risks of industrial accidents and occupational diseases and to provide workers with a more secure environment, our company is committed to a strategy of setting up a Health and Safety at Work management system.

Our goal is not only to reduce the accident frequency rate, but also to achieve “zero accidents”. To achieve this goal, all steps are taken to implement the commitments contained in the HSE policy. To achieve this goal, several actions have been initiated:

  Launch awareness and training actions.

  The implementation of the STOP method.

  Perform evacuation simulations of staff in emergency situations.

  Respect and apply the requirements of the legislation on health and safety at work.

  Orient our partners, subcontractors, suppliers / service providers to comply with safety standards and standards.